About Me

As A Person

Unsurprisingly, this is the last section I am filling out because really, who am I, as a person?

I am an amateur author, an indie audio drama creator, a former Brooklyn-ite, and the wrangler of three cats: Inanna, Tempo, and Astrid.

I am also an aviation insurance underwriter, chronically ill, queer, and a lover of so many fandoms. Reading and creating are my number one passions, and unfortunately I just don’t have enough time in the day.

BookCon 2018 with Marilag Angway

As a Writer

Mermaid Parade 2018

I’ve heard so many writers that I love and respect talk about how they’ve gotten into writing, and truly, I am impressed they remember! I unfortunately do not, though I do have a copy of a story about a rabbit I wrote in first grade. I am more surprised it isn’t a horror story, to be honest!

Now a days I work on short stories, my novella series, and fan fiction! A lot of writing happens for audio dramas now too, which is a format I have come to love for story telling. I have had one short story published…for now.

I fell in love with audio dramas back around the time We’re Alive was getting into it’s second season. I fell in love with the idea of experiencing worlds around me in a way that could help me escape from the real world.

Since then I’ve actually become a moderator for the We’re Alive Discord! And worked on creating my own audio dramas. As of Summer 2022 only one has been released (OUAMOTW) but so many to follow!

As an Audio Drama Creator

Welcome to Reddington Season 1: Autumn

As a Podcaster

Recording as Wendy 2022

I started my first podcast in 2017 with a mic that I was gifted and my Macbook with garageband. That podcast – Judging Book Covers Podcast – is still going strong today! It has morphed over the years as two of the best book co-hosts have come to join the podcast permanently! Since then I have started and retired several other podcasts that are there: Fableulous Retellings, Handbook Podcast, and Minds at Yeerk — all of which I am so glad I helped create!

Since then, I have moved more and more behind the mic. Working on audio dramas, running social media — these are things I actually enjoy! I joined Haunted Griffin Entertainment as a show creator and my podcast hosting days are mostly over! My audio drama days? Just beginning!


It doesn’t happen as often as I like, but I do crochet, knit, cross stitch, and am learning to make yarn wigs! I have an instagram dedicated to these projects, which you can find here!

As someone who plays with string?

The start of some Among Us legs
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