Two Quick ARC Reviews of Christmas YA Romance Books

Time to clear out some of my Netgalley ARCs! I appreciate their willingness to continue giving me ARCs of books, and for also letting me continue to give honest reviews.

Book 1: Kiss Me in New York by Catherine Rider


To be published: October 2017


It is weird that I can’t find anything about the author of this book. I did find a review that said it’s a was pseudonym for two authors, but I can’t find anything on those authors or anything to confirm this? In a world where self-promotion is so important for books, this was shocking.

I’m wavering at a 2.5/3 for this story. I love Christmas stories. I love one nights together, running around the city and falling in love stories. I love New York, especially at the holidays.

But this one didn’t….quite hit the mark. I mean, it’s Christmas in New York, and not one of the major Christmas trees are seen on this quest through the city? Rockefeller Center, South Seaport, none of the museums, Lincoln Square, none of the Christmas festivals are discussed (and there is one in every major park so it’s not like they’re avoidable.) It’s almost told like it’s from the perspective of someone who doesn’t actually live in or hasn’t experienced Christmas time in New York and literally all of it’s magic.

Outside of that, I couldn’t get past the constant “reading my look” or “having a conversation just through looks…” and then at one point Charolette even goes “we’ve only known each other a few hours how does he expect me to understand his look!?” right before he kissed her. We’ll you have been all night….

Final issuance: Charlotte tells her ex she loves him at Lincoln Center. Later, she talks about doing it at Rockefeller Center. Just an edit that didn’t get caught. Like all the missed italicized television show names.

As for the book itself, it’s cute. It’s exactly what it says it is — just like a Hallmark movie classic. Why Charlotte was in the city is a bit weird, but that’s okay, and as someone who has to go to JFK frequently, straying too far from the airport is odd.

Also, I can’t tell what the relationship between Anthony and his brother is supposed to be — not enough there to completely understand honestly.

Book 2: My New Crush Gave to Me by Shani Petroff

To Be Published: October 2017

330972842/2.5 Moose. moosemoose

I probably should have held off on reading another Christmas-y YA book, but what can you do. I fought with myself the entire book on whether or not I would DNF it, but honestly, it’s a quick read. It’s rather predictable – I wasn’t expecting it not to be, and part of my issues could be my own single, black cold scrooge like heart.

I just couldn’t get on board with the main character. I get the neurotic, needing to plan everything and the anxiety that comes when it’s not. However, Charlie never grows or learns that maybe it’s okay to not be as structured and neurotic, or that she might need to get help for it. The character isn’t immature….she’s simply flat. And what’s funny is she is quiet possibly the most well rounded character.

For example, at some point she realizes that she’s read a bakery order wrong. Her best friend doesn’t really get mad at her, no one sits her down to try to get her to figure out that maybe her obsessing over this guy is causing her to overload herself. It’s just……flat and boring.

I get the need for the perfect for you boyfriend, I get the desire to win and being one track minded. I can almost forgive the fact that she doesn’t really make any of the Secret Santa gifts or even try, but pawns it off on JD(??) But there’s really… action in this book. There is a gossip queen who hates the main character, and that doesn’t play into the story at all.

I know that if this had been a Hallmark holiday movie, I would have watched it multiple times, and I shouldn’t hold a holiday book to a higher standard. But maybe I would have had an actual attachment to the main character.

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