A Mini Update

I feel like I haven’t read anything in months! This isn’t true at all of course, but I definitely haven’t been reading like I was. I recently accepted a promotion in my company, and the promotion comes with a great big move to New York City. Nerves, excitement….you name it, I’m feeling it.

This move is happening quickly— early November. With that, my book reading has slid back a little bit. With the rainy weekend on the way, maybe I can catch up a little this weekend. I’m working on a few crochet projects too for people before I leave. Three hats and a blanket are on my list. These might be the posts coming this week.

I hope you are all enjoying Banned Book Week! I wore my banned book scarf that I got from my best friend. It’s amazing! I am thinking of wearing it for a second time this week. That’s not that weird, is it?

So seriously, I promise that I’ll be a little more active over the next few weeks, between apartment hunting and moving.

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