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If you are interested in hearing my chatter about things, here are some places that you can find me!

Judging Book Covers

A monthly book club podcast co-hosted by Megg Griffin, Stephanie Cortez, and Ollie Brady

Minds at Yeerk

An Animorphs re-read podcast that has officially ended! (Except for the occasional interview!)

Fableulous Retellings

A retired fairy tales podcast

Handbook Podcast

Almost always on hiatus, a podcast where we talk about bad authors doing stupid things

If you are looking for audio dramas I’ve been on or helped write:

Once Upon a Monster of the Week

Tunnels Podcast

The Way We Haunt Now

Sporadic Phantoms

And here are podcasts I’ve guested on:

Note: I have removed included links to podcasts that I no longer support

Ladies Love Paul Rudd – I Love You Man December 2016

Best Acquaintances February 2017

Deep in Bear Country July 2017

World of Tomorrow – Futurama August 2017

Pet CinematarySt. Trinian’s November 2017

We Read the BookMurder on the Orient Express November 2017

The Reelist PodcastBonnie and Clyde November 2017

Falling in Love MontageFifty Shades Darker January 2018

Deep in Bear County March 2018

The California Diarists April 2018

We’ll Ge It Right Next Year June 2018

Ruin My Life – Prisoner of Azkaban September 2018

Historical Hotties – Codebreakers September 2018

Buffy Speak Podcast – Episode 5×22 and 6×22 September 2018

We Read the Book PodcastThe Great Gatsby December 2018

Russophiles Unite – Mermaid (with Mari) December 2018

Second OpinionLimetown April 2019

Se7ven in Seven: Part 6 August 2019

The Rob Thomas (No, Not that One) Robcast – October 2019

Media-eval Podcast: The Knight Before Christmas December 2019

The Rob Thomas (No, Not That One) Robcast – February 2020

Media-eval PodcastSix the Musical May 2020

Second Opinion: The City We Became October 2020

Reignite: Cards Against the Normandy November 2020

Knives Out Minute by Minute – 2021

  • Trailer Recreation
  • Minutes 10-14
  • Minutes 50-54
  • Minutes 95-99

Geeking Out – Books That Made Us Who We Are January 2021

Another Pass Podcast – at The Snowman February 2021

Screen Snark – Talking about WandaVision and Promising Young Women February 2021

K-Bae: Sweet Home Ep 7 April 2021

The Real Movie Critic vs The Cine-Guy – The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It June 2021

Men of Steel – Supergirl (1984) – July 2021

The Real Movie Critic vs The Cine-Guy – Candyman (2021) September 2021

Nameless on ComicsQuest September 2021

T. Hanks for all the Memories – You’ve Got Mail October 2021

The Atumunal on ComicsQuest October 2022

and frequently a guest host on Panelology:

If you want to contact me about guesting on a podcast, please shoot me a DM on twitter or an email at meghan.griffin[at]outlook.com!

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