Introductory Post, You are a Bia-tch.

The thing I let define me the most in life is that 5 years ago, I nearly died twice.

I was diagnosed with a rare and incurable autoimmune disease, and then 3 months later, I ended up in a car accident that left me in ICU for a month. The six months between my diagnoses and my officially being healed from my car accident is a blurry time with lots of tears and pain medications. I came out of it with a healthy sense of a higher being and a new appreciation for (or total fear of, depending on the day) visual scaring.
A quick synopsis of my life for the next five years would have me graduating basically on time, finding a day job in an industry that isn’t disappearing anytime soon, playing tennis constantly, applying to graduate school….
….and basically hitting a quarter life crisis. I’ve been so go-go-go to make sure I “survived the accident”, that I’ve pretty much forgotten to live the exciting life that should be my mid-twenties. I’ve done some things that are exciting – I’ve flown a plane, I’ve visited NYC as an adult, taken a road trip on my own, etc.

So now that I’ve officially entered adulthood (I’ve got the job, I’ve bought my first car, my first computer, 2 cell phones, my own insurance, and travelled on a business trip), and I have just passed the 5 year anniversary of my accident, I’m going to start testing myself.

The plan is simple: Each week I am going to do one new thing on my list of things I want to do. The lists are at the top of the page, with three separate pages: A list of weekly possible events, things that would require fluke accidents (meeting Jennifer Lawrence, for example) or lots of prep time are on the second list, and the third list are 30 Day Challenges.

Anyways, this is just an introduction – I am going to go over in more detail when I’m not half closed eyed and sleepy. The first week of doing something is going to start December 1st (so fitting!)

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