Podcast Worth a Listen

So I love podcast, in case you didn’t know. They get me through my day, and occasionally my subway rides if I don’t feel like reading (in other words, typically my morning rides).

I can’t remember what my first podcast was, but I know which one I fell in love with first: We’re Alive. I’ve donated, I’ve tweeted, I’ve followed religiously until the end (and impatiently waiting the new series). I moved to NYC far to late to attend any meet up, but seriously: if you love zombies, this is worth a listen. It ends well, it begins well, it’s creepy and different.

And I am going to do a re-listen soon, with a review of each season (there are 4, so why not?)

So here’s a look at all the podcasts I listened to in 2015. I’m going to start reviewing them more, because my Black Tapes Podcast review gets looked at at least once a week, and I never reviewed the second half of the season. Partially because I’m super angry.

I’ve made a good friend based on a mutual enjoyment of podcast, and I’m always looking for more recommendations/friends!

2015 Podcasts Worth Checking Out:

  • The Black Tapes Podcast — a Serial mock-umentary with demonic undertones
  • TANIS Podcast — solving the world’s craziest mystery
  • Serial (yeah I was late to this, and WHERE IS SEASON 2?!)
  • The Message — a 2015 War of the Worlds (I’ll review this one soon as it ended recently, and had a surprising twist)
  • The Nerdist — not a new 2015 podcast, and one I’ve listened to off and on for years. But if you love Chris Hardwick (I do) and if you love Wil Wheaton (I do) and if you are nerdy (I am) then this is totally worth checking out.
  • Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me! NPR — again, not a new 2015 podcast, but super amusing
  • The Flop House — seriously, I’m two days in on their 190+ episodes. Reviews of crappy movies, and they’re hilarious.

So yeah, a new part of my blog will be podcast reviewing. Enjoy it!


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