52 Hike Challenge – Hike 1


In 2014, I hiked quite a bit. I started in February on my birthday that year, hiking at Red Top Mountain with my mom and younger siblings. We caught the bug and did a ton of hikes that year, all over Georgia. Then in 2015, my hiking slowed down quite a bit. I was just too busy making excuses on the weekend. And also, Georgia in the summer was brutal this year. And in November, I moved 1000 miles north. But I did go around Yellowstone and Grand Teton — both of which are gorgeous.

I love hiking, and it’s time to start making time for it this year. At first I was against signing up for anything, but a resolution to be more adventurous in my getting out and exploring my new state has led me to signing up for the 52 Hike Challenge.

I decided to do the challenge after my first hike of the year. I’ve consistently spent the last three Jan. 1st doing some sort of exercise — either tennis or hiking. I think this will officially become my tradition, as I’ve had pretty good years the last three years. (Superstitious, maybe?)

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 10.10.39.png

This is a picture of a waterfall in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. There are apparently 6 — we found 3 of them. Not the best laid out out trail, but at the same time, kind of a hard place to get lost in. We did about 7,000 steps in the park, which is gorgeous. I tried to find an apartment near the park, but I like my current park too.

I’ll get more pictures for future hikes! If you have any recommendations for the tri-state area, please share!

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