Top Ten Tuesday – Bookish Resolutions


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created and ran by The Broke and the Bookish. Here’s to the first one of  2016! This week’s topic is Resolutions, understandably, as it is the first of the year. I am a huge fan of resolutions — I make them in January, and I tend to re-evaluate and make new ones in June/July.

1. Read 60 books this year.

My highest count since I started logging on Goodreads is 54 books. It was 2010, so I was finishing my last year of college and competing against my mother and Momo for who could read the most books (and most pages.) Last year I read 50. I feel like 60 is doable. I didn’t read any re-reads last year, so I’m debating whether or not the inevitable re-reads (a series I love is putting out a new book and I haven’t read the series since 2009) will be in 60.

2. Read more graphic novels and comics.

I’m not sure I will count any of these towards my book goal. I’ve collected comics, sure — I own all of Deadpool’s comics (prior to 2015) in e-format. I have the Spider Gwen series, plus the new Deadpool series, (THE NEW SPIDER GWEN VARIANT FOR NEXT WEEK’S COMIC IS BOTH SPIDER GWEN AND DEADPOOL!) plus Web Warriors and Sega (finally). Plus I have all the Walking Dead comics in e-format up to some point (can’t remember). It’s time for me to actually read them….

I have never needed something so much.

3. Get quicker on my reviews.

Starting this blog had several reasons behind it. The main reason is that I picked up a book, read the description, thought I might try it, looked on Goodreads to add it, and turns out I had read it and hated it. I don’t remember it at all. A blog gets me writing more, reading more, and keeping track of what the heck I’ve read (and a way to hopefully remember it.)

4. Join a few book challenges this year.

Why not? My reading used to be much more diverse, thanks to school reading mostly, and I need to get back to that. I’ll decide on 2-3 by the end of the week.

5. Read more anthologies – aim for one a month.

I have a decent collection of them — I need to read them! January I have Cranky Ladies of History on my list. I have at least 3 more

6. Write more in general.

I’m setting a word count each month and going to try to meet or beat it. Building a habit and all! January’s goal is 9K. I am going to build up to 50K.

7. Don’t fear the DNF.

Seriously, if I don’t like a book, I am going to try not to finish it. There are too many books out there for me to be dragging through any book.

8. Organize my Goodreads account bookshelves. 

They’re not cleaned up well, nor are all the books as organized as I would want them to be. Plus I have two different kinds of “to be read” lists and neither make sense anymore.

9. “Compete” in both Camp NaNoWriMo and actual NaNoWriMo. 

I only won July’s Camp NaNo last year, and that was by the skin of my teeth. I plan on doing 25K in April and July, and then the 50K in November.


10. Consider purging books.

Don’t look smug, Ma. (She recommended I consider giving away some of my books in order to make more room in my new Brooklyn-sized apartment.) But really, she is right. I have a ton of books I’ve read and don’t plan on rereading, plus a ton of books I never actually plan on reading. I may even advertise them on my blog.


5 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday – Bookish Resolutions”

  1. Reading graphic novels it on my list as well! I just have to be really good about picking them. I have a couple that are on my list to read this month. I also never knew there was a “Camp” NaNoWriMo. I might take part in that! Good luck with your list!

    My TTT:

  2. I…have a couple graphic novels on my computer. JUST SAYING.

    And I think I need to keep track of other random things for my book reviews this year XD

  3. Good luck with all your 2016 goals! #7 is one that I really need to work on too, I suck at DNF’ing! I always feel really bad putting down a book, even though it’s one I’m not enjoying!
    My TTT:

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  5. […] I still need to work on them. But one of the goals was to read more graphic novels/comics, and that I have actually […]

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