Top Ten Tuesdays: OTP


I am (almost cliché-ingly) anti-Valentine’s Day. In middle school I would wear an anti-Valentine’s Day outfit (primarily black…I was a weird kid), but would also get a little something for my friends. I think I’ve only had a date once on Valentine’s Day, and that was my senior year of high school. I also remember my favorite Valentine’s Day, which ended with me getting off work, eating crappy frozen pizza, and watching a crappy movie with a good roommate/friend of mine. I also am very anti-February, even though it’s my birthday month. So far it has been a good February, but I remember laughing on the 1st for every Facebook post I’ve made being essentially “Can I just skip February?”

And so, I almost skipped The Broke and the Bookish’s Top Ten Tuesday today, as it is a Valentine’s Day freebie. Even looking at my list of read books, I’m just going “uggggh. Love. I have no OTPs or love related things to say.”


I know I am being ridiculous. While I am eternally single (which is 80% by choice, mind you), I have a great base of friends that has always shined on Valentine’s Day. Part of me wants to do my top ten favorite friendships, but that does seem a bit of a cop-out. So this week I am doing my top ten OTPs, focusing on those in books (or this would turn into an entire Jack/Ianto rant.


My restraint, guys. Be proud.


Or an Olicity rant.)


Okay. On to my literary OTPs now, ahem.


10. Rory / Jess Stephen – Shades of London series

Taken from Maureen Johnson’s website, but created by Cassandra Jean

Okay, I am constantly listening to the Gilmore Guys these days, as I try to catch up to where they’re currently recording. Super love these guys – they definitely hit their stride in season 4 and have some great insight. And so almost every time I see “Rory,” I see “Jess” (yes, always Team Jess.)

Anyways, I love the Shades of London series, and I felt that Rory and Stephen’s relationship is  quite organic, to the point that I thought it was unrequited love for a while. Is there fan fiction? I should so look up this….

9. Lily / Minty Fresh – Grim Reaper series

This relationship is never really featured in the series, but I love that it was hinted at in the first book, and the second book takes place after they’ve broken up (and MF has left a sobbing voicemail on Lily’s answering machine.) They are very balancing and understand each other and genuinely crack me up.

8. Jessica / Marcus – Jessica Darling series


I so love Jessica and Marcus, minus Perfect Fifths. I think they are a great example of the bad boy, sheltered girl combo, with the bad boy being a secret genius, and a good representation of young love. And then the 5th book kind of ruins it. I think it’s the dual view points and it just wasn’t an organic way to get these two back together. I’ve always related to Jessica, and I could have been just as happy if they went on. But these two are a great, realistic first love.

7. Sirius Black / Remus Lupin – Harry Potter series 

Wait – this isn’t canon?

It should be. LOOK at how happy of a family it would be!

Don’t get me wrong, I kind of adore Lupin/Tonks together too. I blame this on a fan fiction I read around the time the 5th book came out called “After the End(I have to refind the link, but if you haven’t read it and you’re curious, I’ll totally send it on.) In the ff, they aren’t a couple, but the innuendos and worry are so wonderful in that story.

6. Makino / Domyouji – Hana Yori Dango


I never finished the manga (I’m so bad at finishing anything in a graphic novel form) and so this might be cheating. And yes, he is absolutely terrible to her prior to their falling in love. And yes, I know this. But I just love their story.

5. Cather / Levi – Fangirl


I am adding this one probably because it’s the last book I’ve read, and I haven’t been able to start a book since. But as you can probably read from my review, I related way too much to Cather and would have LOVED to find my Levi! It was also the first couple I enjoyed reading about in one of Rowell’s books.

4. Mindy Kaling / BJ Novak – Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me / Why Not Me


I KNOW these are real people. But you listen to these two talk about each other, tweet at each other…I mean, they have the best of friendship, and I’m ready for them to just get married. My OTP in real life, which I came to realize by reading both of Mindy Kaling’s books. Ugh. At the very least, I love how supportive they are of each other and if they don’t ever get together, then I can at least point to them going “hey. Platonic male/female friendships are the best.”

3. Tris / Four – Divergent


The Divergent series has flaws, but what it did well was have a relationship that any flaws involving it had nothing to do with another boy/girl triangle. Both of their insecurities are internal and real, not stupid jealousy or “which guy do I love?” It allowed for the story to actually revolve around the problem at hand, rather than a teenage love story. I again have another fan fiction that rewrote the 3rd book and actually kept their relationship pretty solid for most of the story.

2. Saul / Lizzy – We’re Alive


Oh man. I am kind of cheating here as We’re Alive is a podcast first and foremost, but it is 1. a survival story and 2. it’s on Goodreads. But seriously, if you haven’t listened to it, you are MISSING OUT. It’s a zombie podcast that’s told over 4 seasons, and it’s so well done and produced. The beginning is a little rough, but they quickly fall into a good rhythm very quickly. Oh, you are zombie’d out? WELL GUESS WHAT. These zombies are different. There are different kinds and different levels of intelligence – but how?

Saul and Lizzy meet in the first season. Saul immediately is attracted to her, and it takes Lizzy a little while longer to come around (okay, her boyfriend gets killed in front of her when we first meet her. I get it.)  Nate Geez and Blaire Wayland (nee Byhower – she married one of the podcast creators! Such a cute couple.) are the voice actors, and honestly, the whole cast is the reason I have a hard time with similar podcasts because it’s so good! They both grow through the war/invasion, and both are just amazing heroes. And their story is just so sad. Gah, okay. I am relistening to We’re Alive this month.

and 1. Tobias / Rachel – Animorphs 

90s clothes, 90s tv. Also, Brooke Nevin is never anyone else but Rachel to me.

My first OTP ever, from when I was in 4th grade. I so should have realized early in life that I am so about torn/damaged couples and the like. I mean, how much more of a weird relationship can you get if one of the shippers is a BIRD? But really, over the entire series, Rachel gets more and more blood thirsty and ruthless, but this relationship is a constant for them both. I was so happy with Tobias was able to morph again.



Okay, I also can’t get away from thinking about some of my favorite friendships, especially as that’s what Valentine’s Day has always been for me. So below are my top 4 favorite friendships, again just from literature.

Win/Myron – Myron Bolitar series

If you haven’t read any of Harlan Coben’s books, and you like a good mystery book, give them a shot. These two are polar opposites in some ways (Win is a sociopath, cold blooded killer, Myron is an overly emotional sarcastic ex-basketball star). But if one needs the other, they are there instantly. In fact, the last Myron book  (Live Wire) there is a meta moment of Win holding a gun to Harlan Coben and telling him to give Myron a break. But there is a new one coming out soon!

Ron/Hermione/Harry – Harry Potter Series

These three love each other and are there for each other, despite all of the fights and flaws. I may not necessarily agree with the love relationships in these books, but I do love these three. (To the point that I am tearing up. What is up with me?)

Beth / Jen – Attachments

You can literally see my rant on this here.

Jake / Marco – Animorphs

Again, Animorphs is one of the first books I ever geeked out about. Maybe my mom remembers a series I geeked out before, but I don’t I ran around the playground pretending to be Animorphs with my friends and ALMOST didn’t read Harry Potter when someone told me it was better. And Jake and Marco are very much one of the best bro-mances ever. They almost remind me of modern day Captain America and Iron Man, even.

9 responses to “Top Ten Tuesdays: OTP”

  1. YOU HAVE TO DO A JACK/IANTO RANT! Also, you’re the second person I’ve seen do a SB/RL on their list. It’s taking me back to high school, because I DEFINITELY was obsessed with the Wolfstar ship.

    1. Oh man. Ianto/Jack is my ultimate ship. And they just killed him! And he just lies there and just “it was good, yea? Don’t forget me.” I was numb for WEEKS.

      But a Ianto rant usually leads me to why I dislike the new doctor rant. Even though I begrudgingly like the new doctor.

  2. I do like Tris and Four, that the conflicts in their relationship are real rather than caused by a love triangle, though I have to admit, both annoy me at times.
    My TTT:

  3. I am unfamiliar with this Novak/Kaling dynamic but given how I (and many others) want to be best friends with Mindy, yes I can see this happening…

    Joey via. thoughts and afterthoughts.

  4. I love your list – and I’d COMPLETELY forgotten about Animorphs! That series was great and I was all about Rachel and Tobias as well. I was devastated when he got stuck as a hawk.

    1. They had all the makings of a doomed relationship, all the way to the end. So tragic. So wonderful!

  5. Hahaha. Would have loved a whole Jack/Ianto post. Also totally going to read that HP FF when I get to book five in a couple months. Love that idea.

    1. Haha I’m trying to convince a friend of mine that is new to DW to give Torchwood a try so that I have an excuse to do a re-watch.

      1. I’m trying to get my hand on the radio plays they’ve been doing lately because that’s the only way it lives on. Sniff.

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