Mid-Month Updates, ICYMI

I think I am having the best February ever, and now I shall knock on wood to keep from jinxing myself.


Especially as I am driving tomorrow for the first time since I moved to Brooklyn.

I am not reading much at all right now — Fangirl kind of ruined me for a little while. I am not sure what’s going on, but I’m moving slowly through books. I think most people have this ebb and flow, no? I’m slowly making my way through an ARC, which 25% in there still doesn’t seem to be any story.

But I made it out to Books of Wonder on Sunday, and ended up picking up Sophie Jordan’s Reign of Shadows and Victoria Aveyard’s Glass Sword


I am ashamed to say that I knew nothing of Sophie Jordan’s work prior to the signing, but I did buy her book out of interest. Then she started talking, and I became a fan almost instantly. She’s incredibly chill and fascinating to listen to. I cannot wait to get out of my reading funk and read her book. Victoria Aveyard was pretty cool too. I have been to a few book signings, but never a dual panel. These two seemed to get along well!

I’ve been writing quite a bit this month too, outside of work related writing and blog posts. I actually posted my first chapter of a fan fiction I’ve been working on off and on since last July – a Gilmore Girls x Supernatural x Chuck x Veronica Mars crossover. Ambitious, no? If you’re interested in following along, let me know.

I’ll get to the point where I’m posting actual writing samples, but I haven’t actually finished anything that I’ve drabbled.

So I guess my ponderings for this week are kind of easy:

  • Does anyone else have a direct, inverse correlation between their reading and writing habits?
  • What do people do when they can’t bring themselves to read anything, not even really fan fiction? Just ride it out?
  • Are love triangles over? Can they be?
    • Piggy backing off that — would anyone read a YA story where the relationship doesn’t have jealousy or insane insecurity? Like a couple that gets together and stay relatively chill?
  • Where do people pull writing prompts? I swear, half my battle with writing is deciding writing prompts.

3 responses to “Mid-Month Updates, ICYMI”

  1. My reading’s been pretty light (re: nonexistent) all week. I think I blame you and Fangirl >>.

    I used to Seventh Sanctum my writing prompts, but I’ve also been contemplating using random 365 day writing prompts, just so I can do an exercise every day. I probably should…

    1. Ooooh that’s a good idea. I’ve pretty much consistently gone “nope I don’t like that prompt.” I actually used a song for today’s prompt, which made me feel full circle for the week. I’ll check out Seventh Sanctum!

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