Questions Me Before You Caused


I saw Me Before You tonight — I am a sucker for a chick flick, and Sam Claflin’s quite perfect jawline. I haven’t read the book, nor do I plan on it. But I feel like if I get some thoughts out on it, maybe I can move past it (and by watching Zombieland — thank you MTV.)

  • Why can’t her dad find a job? Why does it fall to the daughters to pay for the household?
  • Jenna Coleman’s character is a single mom — who what how?
  • ….Could I pull off Jenna Coleman’s haircut? (No Meg. No you can’t.)
  • Does anyone else think Matthew Lewis is looking a little too thin? I’m worried about you bud. I hope you’re doing good.
  • This is just a manic pixie dream girl trope. Why is everyone getting teary-eyed?
  • Okay. The mom breaking down made me tear up. I swear I’ve seen that look in my own mom’s eyes and that does it.
  • Emilia Clarke’s shoes are all wonderful and I need to know where to buy them.
  • And how to walk in heels on cobblestone paths.


  • ….no one is going to explain how or why this dude’s parents own a castle, but no title?
  • I have confusing thoughts on assisted suicide now.
    • Seriously, I’m conflicted as hell.
    • But I still found him to be a selfish prat.
  • Some people want a small-town life and can we stop trying to shame them for it?
  • Why can’t I pull off the side braid? Maybe I can pull off Jenna Coleman’s haircut.
  • God thank god for some real live flirting. Not just movie crap flirting.
  • …But we all recognize that she essentially cheated on Patrick right? Like, I get that the guy wasn’t meant to be deep or anything, but god I felt bad for him.
  • Really the person I felt for the most was the mom. What does that say about me?
  • Seriously. Seriously. I want to be able to pull off Jenna Coleman’s hair.


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