Book Review: Home (Myron Bolitar 11)

It has been 5 years since the last Myron Bolitar book, and I don’t deny that I teared up as I rebonded with Myron, Win and Esperanza. I don’t read a ton of detective books, so Myron has especially held a place in my heart. I don’t recommend reading this book if you aren’t familiar with the series. I’ve held off on doing this review for a week or so, wanting to figure out who I would cast as the leads if they ever made a tv show about this series (which it so should be, rather than a movie. I mean come on — they have 11 series already!)


Home (Myron Bolitar 11)

Harlan Coben

Published 2016

Format: ebook/Kindle
Genre: Fiction, Thrillers, Mysteries, Contemporary
Rating: candy-corn-moosecandy-corn-moosecandy-corn-moosecandy-corn-moose 5/5 Moose


Myron hears from his best friend Win, who has been in hiding for over a year. He has called, needing help finding two boys that went missing a decade before. Two boys from rich families, one of which happened to be Win’s cousin. Win believes he has located one of the boys half a world away. Relying on their strengths, Myron and Win investigate where the boy has been for a decade, and if they can save the other kid before it is too late.


If you are reading this review, you probably know the long and sorted pasts of these characters. Instead of my general character descriptions, I’ll just post my defenses of who I would want to start as the characters in a fictional television show now.

Myron Bolitar: So most people want Vince Vaughn as Myron, and I get it. A young Vince Vaughn (we’re talking…shortly after Lost Worldwould have been great, but it’s not who I see if the series was to start today. Myron is tall, adorable, and intellgent. Thus my pick is Jared Padalecki. (Though….cut his hair please.)

Yes I am a former basketball star turned lawyer/sports rep


Windsor “Win” Horne Lockwood, III: Again, I had a previous pick for this — Neil Patrick Harris. I mean, he could easily look innocent and be a cold blooded killer. But Win has always been a hard person to cast. Thankfully, I’ve come across Randy Wayne, specially this picture:


Esperanza Diaz: Modern Esperanza was the easiest to cast. Intelligent, but sassy as hell, hot enough to have been a pro-wrestler? No one but Francia Raisa came to mind.  I love the actress, and Esperanza is definitely one of my favorite characters of anything.

Tell me I’m wrong.

Other character appearances:

Mickey and crew shows up (a nice reminder that I need to finish Mickey’s series), Myron’s parents, Big Cindi (try casting her…geez), random characters,  and Therese Collins as Myron’s fiancée.

FYI — I can’t decide if Courtney Ford is more Jessica or Therese, but she’s definitely on my cast list.

Best selling author or former famous newscaster?

Rants, Raves and General Thoughts

Harlan Coben has been on my list of favourite contemporary writers for at least a decade, if not longer. The first book of his I read, Tell No One, opened me up to a world of suburbian mysteries with a good twist. Myron’s been working cases for 21 years now, which lead to me briefly pondering how old Myron is suppoed to be, what year this book is supposed to be…

I mean it’s obviously supposed to be 2016; there are Hamilton references in the book. OF COURSE MYRON LOVED HAMILTON. Myron loves all musicals, come on now. But with that knowledge, Myron should be in his fifties, but I think he’s in his forties?

I won’t lie, I teared up repeatedly with this book. Myron and Win’s friendship and partnership is so deep and what we all hoped our college friendships would become. The book goes back and forth between Win and Myron’s POV (third person of course), a nice change from the consistent Myron POV normally found.

Things I loved about the book:

  • The use of Mickey and crew. If you haven’t read Mickey’s series, give them a shot! I need to finish the third of course, and they aren’t as polished as the Myron books, but definitely good quick reads.
  • Myron’s unlimited optimism has been diminished over the years, but it hasn’t been wiped completely.
  • Win’s point of view is actually pretty well done.
  • In true Coben fashion, there are twists and turns up until the last page.

Things I scratched my head about:

  • Again, how old is everyone?
  • Myron has sold off his agency — is he retired? What is he doing for a living?
  • Didn’t Win already have a cousin that had a son kidnapped? What the heck has cursed this family?
  • I wish Therese had a bigger role and was more than just a sexual release for Myron.

Final Verdict 

This book did not disappoint. I think it’s better than the last few Bolitar books before the break at Win’s (not so subtle) request. If you’ve read the series, read this book….and then join me in re-reading the entire series all over again. (I’ll post about that once I’ve finished the series again!)

Final thoughts: I cannot stress how much I love Harlan Coben and recommend his books, as well as random musings and articles. There’s an amazing one he posts every year on Mother’s Day that I highly recommend.

Now I shall go drink a Yoo-Hoo.

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