Oh to be Sucked into Books!


Top Ten Tuesday was started by The Broke and the Bookish, and was taken over by That Artsy Reader Girl in 2018. This week we are talking characters we would like to trade places with! This is a difficult thought process, as frequently the good is equal to dangerous adventure and major losses. But I was able to pinpoint ten characters I wouldn’t mind being!

Ell Wittimer – Elle is the main character in Geekerella, and a background character in The Princess and the Fangirl. She’s intelligent, a big nerd, gets the dreamy nerdy celebrity hottie boyfriend. And free passes to a Comiccon. WHERE IS THE BAD? (Okay so she had a pretty traumatic childhood but shhhh)

Meg Caine – So maybe her dad is dead, maybe the dude she’s in love with is the one who killed him, but she gets to jump through different multiverses! Experience new technology! Be Russian royalty! Fall in love!

Morrigan – I’ll be honest, I probably wouldn’t mind being any of the fairies in this series. And while I probably wouldn’t mind being Rhys’s partner, Morrigan just seems to have a lot more fun in life. Especially if Maas doesn’t continue to be weirdly problematic about her.

Claire Fraser – I mean. Jamie Fraser. Duh. Even with the 20 years gap. Jamie. Fraser.

Cath Avery – I mean, in part Cath’s college experience mirrored my own, minus the twin and hot new friend/crush. Might as well add them in.

Evie O’Neill – I was torn over which character I wanted to be in the Diviners. Evie makes the most sense at the end of the day. She’s got a cool power, she’s dealt with hardships, she’s got a little bit of fame, she’s got Sam, and if she just….grows up, I know she’ll be great.

Alexia Tarabotti – A Scottish werewolf for a boyfriend(?), no soul, Victorian era, flamboyant vampire besties? Oh yeah, Alexia is all sass and so much fun.

Susannah Simon – There are a lot of women with some kind of power on this list. Suze sees ghosts, including the hot one in her bedroom. Is it unhealthy to be in love with a ghost? Probably. Is it amazing to have the ability to solve mysteries? Definitely.

Hermione Granger – The best character in Harry Potter.  Who else would you want to be?

Anne Boleyn – While I know Anne Boleyn is a real woman, I would want to be the Anne in this novel. She’s kind, she’s loyal, she loves love, she loves her kids, she ends up with true love and avoiding the Boleyn fall out. Which, to be fair, Anne seemed to in real life as well. It’s just the tone of her back story seems to be….lighter and less horrific here.

Some aspects of my life have been adventurous enough, but nothing like some of these novels. Who would you want to trade places with?

2 responses to “Oh to be Sucked into Books!”

  1. Hermione has been on almost every single list this week. I think that’s wonderful.

    My Top Ten Tuesday post.

  2. Hermione is the best character. I’d love to be her (as long as Voldemort didn’t kill me).

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