365 Days of Prompt: Day 3

Opening Line: There was a legend about the well in the garden

There was a legend about the well in the garden, one that no one can remember how it started. If you can successfully convince the woman who lives at the bottom of the well that you deserve a drink of water, and she sends you up a barrel up the rope, then your life is set to either be cursed or blessed, depending on the lady’s feelings. In other words, if you talk to the lady at the bottom of the well, don’t piss her off. Because, you see, if you are blessed with receiving water from the woman at the bottom of the well, you have to drink it and take the risk.
What the legend never discusses is that the garden is on private property, in the far back of the Calontoni’s property. That didn’t stop teens from climbing over the stone gate and sneaking in at night. Beer cans littered the ground all around it, bringing down the atheistic value of the garden. It didn’t help that non had seen the garden’s owners in decades. It added to the lure of the legend, of course.
Still the land gets cleaned every day, by a force no one can see. And every night, some kid is back at the well, trying their luck.
“What do you wish?” they hear softly through the well. It is uncertain if it is their imagination or if there is actually a void, but all still answer even if twenty minutes before they were snickering with friends about how ridiculous the well is. “What do you wish?” And they sit there pondering or yell down joke answers.
“More beer!” “To see Katie’s boobs!” “To be able to sleep at night and not worry about my father coming into my bed room,” a girl whispers when her friends aren’t paying attention. She turns her head back to look at the well, and finds a cup in front of her. Trying not to be overcome with emotions, she says thank you quietly and sips from the cup.

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