365 Days of Prompts: Day 4

Opening Line: She felt for the lock in the dark

She felt for the lock in the dark, cursing herself for not charging her phone before heading out. No flashlight, and she didn’t know the layout of the apartment building without it. Then again, a flashlight would potentially alert someone in the building to her whereabouts, which she equally did not want. This job had seemed so much easier over the phone: for a couple hundred bucks, test out the locks on an apartment’s door. Don’t steal anything, don’t touch anything…just check and see if an apartment can actually be broken into.
She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, as if that would help. Trusting her instincts rather than freaking out as to why her eyes weren’t working might actually…
She felt the lock click, satisfied. Psychology or some bull shit for the win. She put back on her gloves, wiping the knob before opening it. She checked around one more time, but the hallway was completely dark and empty. No red lights, no Ring cameras or whatnot. If someone was trying to frame her, they weren’t doing it from the hallway. She stepped inside the apartment, closing the door quietly behind her. The apartment was lowly lit; the light from the street lamps coming in through a wall of windows.
What was she supposed to do now? The job had been to see if the door would open, that was it. Granted the guy had mentioned multiple doors….she sighed. Okay, she would have to check ALL the doors in the apartment. Maybe there would also be a landline or an iPhone charger laying around.
She ventured down the hall slowly, looking around. The walls were bare, though the hooks and nails suggested that someone had at one point hung artwork on the wall. She turned the wall and looked into the living room. It wasn’t as bare as the walls, though the furniture was covered with plastic and dust. Whose apartment was this, she wondered?
Off the living room there was two doors, both closed. She looked around at the walls (all bare in here too) and in the corners for cameras. Nothing was visible, but she couldn’t shake the feeling she was being watched. In the corner sat a desk, a laptop opened and off a charger. She looked between the doors and computer before making her decision, walking towards the desk. She poked at the touch pad, touching the screen while looking to see if there was any kind of charger around. The computer sat silent, likely dead. It hit her that the electricity was likely off in the apartment, as she closed the laptop just in case.
It didn’t stop her from feeling like she was being stared down.
She looked at the two doors to decide which one to try first. Deciding that she was done with this assignment, she put a hand on both knobs to see if either was unlocked. No such luck. One of the knobs felt warm through her glove though, strangely.
Terrified of what that could mean, she looked at the other door handle. “Fuck this,” she said out loud, almost scaring herself in the silence. She was out of here. The money wasn’t worth the fear creeping up her back. She retraced her steps back towards the door as quickly as she could without running, her hand lightly brushing the wall as she looked for the knob again.
As she found it, she twisted hard, hurting her hand as she realied the door was locked again.

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