Top Ten Tuesday: Recent TBR Additions

Ah yes, it is Tuesday, which means it is time for another Top Ten Tuesday, led by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic is a dangerous one for me, as it is the last 10 books added to my TBR list. It’s dangerous because looking at everyone’s list is going to cause mine to grow! I decided to leave out continuations, and focus on one-offs or the starts of series.


Book 1: After the Apocalypse, by Maureen F McHugh


I (stupidly) ran into The Mysterious Bookshop yesterday, wanting to check out the store with the largest Sherlock Holmes collection. It’s a beautiful, eclectic store, with floor to ceiling bookshelves. I ended up grabbing two books— this one being the surprise grab. Maureen explores the catastrophes of 21st century life and what follows after. The first short story is about zombies — I was sold on buying it. I think this will satisfy the Bustle Reading Challenge Book 14 — Read a work of post-apocalyptic fiction written by a woman.

Book 2: William Shakespeare’s Star Wars: Verily, A New Hope by Ian Doescher


Oh, I don’t know if I’ll actually ever read this. A podcast I enjoy reviewed it, and I decided to listen to it while going through their back catalogue. It is literally Star Wars, told in iambic pentameter, with a Shakespearian tone. And the author has done all the first 6! It’s not a long read – 174 pages – so I might pick it up one rainy day.

Book 3: Let It Snow by Maureen Johnson, John Green, and Lauren Myracle


I adore Maureen Johnson, which is why this book ended up on my list. It’s a Christmas novella collection, which makes me feel like it is a little more than just simple fluff. Anyways, this is one I’ll probably pick up in November or December.

Book 4: This is Not a Test by Courtney Summers


An interesting take on a zombie apocalypse — the main character is looking to get bitten. This is just another YA book that’s ended up on my list, but I’m surprised I missed this series back in 2012. I think this satisfies my Bustle Reading Challenge book 16 – Read the first book in a series you’ve never read.

Book 5: The Monstrumologist by Rick Yancey


So, I’ve been on a Rick Yancey kick. I was impressed with the 5th Wave and the Infinite Seas (ugh I know, I need to review it) so it shouldn’t be a surprise that this book ended up on my list. I really am not sure what it’s even about — actually just reading the summary for the first time. But it’s about monsters and seems a bit like Frankenstein, so I’m game.

Book 6: A Thousand Nights by E.K. Johnston 


Everyone was raving about this book in 2015. It’s not on my immediate TBR list, but it’s one I’ll definitely check out.

Book 7: Everyone Brave is Forgiven by Chris Cleave


I have this ARC from NetGalley. It’s a WWII based period book based in London, that seems to be getting good reviews. I frequently feel I need to read more adult books, rather than YA books. I haven’t read Chris Cleave’s other book, but it also seems to have great reviews.

Book 8: Slasher Girls and Monster Boys, an anthology


An anthology of YA writers doing horror stories. I love the idea. Marie Lu, Carrie Ryan, Jay Kristoff — this might be my February or March anthology collection. I am looking forward to it for sure.

Book 9: Made for You by Melissa Marr


Melissa Marr is an author that’s been on my TBR list, but I don’t think I’ve ever actually read a book. I’m not 100% sure why or how this book ended up my list (I never know why half the time. But this is labeled as a “twisted southern gothic tale” so it’s of my usual genre.

Book 10: Jewel of the Thames by Angela Misri


I actually have a signed copy of this book, that I picked up at the Mysterious Bookstore yesterday. It was on my TBR list prior to then too of course. It’s yet another sequel or rewriting of Sherlock Holmes, where Portia Adams has inherited 221 Baker Street. I love the cover — it’s simply beautiful!

4 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Recent TBR Additions”

  1. A Thousand Nights was my 2015 Night Circus XD. It was pretty good though! Also. I am jelly over Jewel of the Thames. That’s been on my TBR since last year, lol.

    1. You should check out the mysterious bookstore in the financial district!

      1. Adding it to my list of places to go to. XD

  2. ooo I love the cover of Jewel of the Thames! My TTT

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