Veronica Mars Binge Fest

Did you know that Veronica Mars is coming back? Hulu is doing a limited 8 episode noir series and I CANNOT WAIT. It is one of the things I look up on google frequently for updates – who is returning, what’s the potential plot, who new is joining, WHY HASN’T TINA MAJORINO BEEN ANNOUNCED AS RETURNING? (It is the Sookie St. James conundrum all over again you CANNOT HAVE VERONICA MARS WITHOUT MAC.)

In preparation, I reread the books, the watched the movie again, and then pulled out my DVD collection, as the series is no longer on any streaming site (though is coming back to Hulu soon! I’ll be able to rewatch to my heart’s content!) And you know what, for the most part, I think the series holds up. Okay, season 3 is incredibly debatable as to whether it holds up, but season 1 and 2 are wonderful.

Which reminds me – is Tessa Thompson coming back!?

So if you are also desperate for more Veronica Mars conversation, first check out my top ten episodes list below, then find me on twitter to talk about if you are Team LoVe, Team Duncan, Team Piz, or (gasp!) Team Leo!

I am almost firmly Team Leo these days I AM SORRY. 

 Number 10: The Rapes of Graff S02E16


I really think season 2 is my favorite of all, with its overall story and surprises. This episode comes near the end as Veronica and co are checking out colleges. And of course, you cannot be Veronica and visit somewhere without there being a mystery! Which, sets up season 3 incredibly well.

Pros: Michael Cera guest starts! Alia Schawkat!  Aaron Ashmore’s last appearance!

Cons: While this episode handles the situation decently, it sets up season 3 which has a lot of issues when it comes to rape discussion and victim blaming.

CW: rape (occurs off screen) and sexual assault discussion

Number 9: Postgame Mortem S03E13


I’ll be honest, I like this episode because of the Logan story line, not the Veronica one. Dick runs off to Vegas with a woman and Logan gets stuck babysitting her little sister. On top of that, he is definitely in a deep wallow after Veronica broke up with him. And Heather, the little sister, is kind of the best stand in for the audience. She tries to cheer him up and get him and Veronica back together!

Pros: Juliette Goglia, the new PCH leader, and Weevil is in the episode. This episode also leads to Veronica in jail with a unicorn tattoo which is the best.

Cons: Oh yeah, there is some murder mystery to solve?

CW: Murder

Number 8: Betty and Veronica S01E16


I am going to straight up admit: there is a Riverdale comment made in this episode that I didn’t get until Riverdale ended up being a show I can’t not watch. This episode shows how easily Veronica can slip into the popular crowd, that not all high school students are shitty, and Veronica doing something incredibly sweet for Wallace. Seriously, sometimes their relationship seems a little one sided, and it absolutely breaks me to see Wallace realize Veronica is his secret spirit box giver.

Pros: Wallace and Veronica friendship for life, I AM TEAM LEO I’M SORRY, and more of Meg

Cons: There’s more on Veronica’s mom’s story line, which is good the first time around, but meh on rewatches. I just see red.

CW: infidelity, paternity issues

Number 7: Weevils Wobble But They Don’t Go Down S03E19


Despite the way that season 3 just….ends, I really like the last few episodes. There isn’t a major overarching story, other than “will Keith be re-elected as sheriff?” One of the major themes of all of Veronica Mars is the relationship between the classes and races in this town. Obviously – never good. And this episode is so infuriatingly good at showing this.

Pros: Weevil is trying to turn his life around, Wallace is maybe getting tapped for a secret society, we get some “holy shit Dick, you aren’t okay” moments, I like Veronica and Piz,

Cons: Definite Logan spiraling, which we learn more about in the second Veronica Mars book, the start of a sex tape plot, all the beating the shit out of Piz, Vinny running for sheriff – THIS IS NEVER RESOLVED AFTER SEASON 3 NOR MENTIONED AGAIN?

CW: Sex tape, beating the shit out of Piz

Number 6: Donut Run S02E11


This episode is bananas. I was actually finishing my list and almost realized it was on here twice. It is Duncan Kane’s last episode as a regular, and he dumps Veronica. Then he kidnaps his own baby (which…I got a lot of legal questions about that but okay) and the FBI come to town to try to find him and the baby.

Pros: Lucy Lawless as an FBI agent?! Who puts Lamb in his place?! And there is a long discussion of who what when where HOW did this get pulled off? Also, WALLACE IS BACK

Cons: I still don’t get how the Manning’s got custody of Duncan’s kid when he’s still alive. Keith gets super disappointed in Veronica.

Number 5: I Know What You’ll Do Next Summer S03E18


So much of this episode is wonderful. Veronica gets her actual PI license, her first real case is amazing and I cry every time, Wallace(!) is always so good, and it guest stars Nelsan Ellis. Piz also kind of learns his role in Veronica’s life – while he is planning his potential summer internships, Veronica doesn’t think of him at all for hers.

Pros: A happy ending to a case, Wallace deciding to do some good for the world. so few people can actually pull one over on Veronica

Cons: Logan+Parker is never a couple I got on board with. But seriously, can I get some resolution and happiness regarding Parker? Also the partnering with Invisible Children, Inc. Do research before donating money anywhere.

CW: child soldiers in Africa

Number 4: One Angry Veronica S02E10


Christmas in Neptune is not always a good thing. For Veronica, it means jury duty. It is where I learned about my civil duties! Not that I’ll ever get full jury duty I hope oh god (I have been selected before, sure.) Plus Meg is awake and PREGNANT, Leo makes a return appearance and reminds us how much of a flipping GOOD DUDE he is and such a good brother and I’m sorry I AM Team Leo and there is nothing I can do about it at this point.


Pros: LEO! Showing what it’s like to be on a jury and how terrible(?) it is, Neptune racial/class divides are a major role in this episode

Cons: Meg dies (Meg is one of my favorite characters)

CW: Discussion of sex workers, gun usage

Number 3: The Bitch is Back S03E20

f0e77946c91dadb145495eb27576026bIt has taken me a long time to admit that I genuinely like the last episode of the series. It doesn’t have a great ending for a series, but the ending of a season? An episode? Sure. Everyone from season 3 is back in this episode to help out Veronica: Mac, Wallace, Piz, Weevil, Logan. The Castle is terrifying and probably real, and we are reminded how much Keith is The Best TV Dad.

Pros: Everyone’s back for one last mystery! Even Leo! And Jake Kane (wait what)

Cons: There is no real resolution, Parker is given a really cheap ending (as she’s not around for the movie or the books), and it is easy to see how Logan and Veronica are not good for each other.

CW: Torture, Mafia death talk

Episode 2: Weapons of Class Destruction S01E18

Hi, hello, Hulu? Petition to get Theo Rossi back for the revival series? Please? Because he IS in the books and like…please? He’s just so pretty.

Just. Please?

Anyways now that I have that pleading out of my system, let’s talk one of my favorite episodes! This episode introduces future cop who will be in the Hulu show played by Theo Rossi – no, dammit okay let me get back on track. Most high school setting shows have a weapons on school episode because this is the America we live in. Veronica Mars does it well by not having the school go into lock down – Veronica is trying to track down who is putting out the bomb threat that is causing all the fire drills. Keith and Alicia were dating (ah those days), and finally: The kiss. The LoVe first kiss. I do have “Momentary Things” on most playlists.


Pros: JTT guest stars, THEO ROSSI, LoVe first kiss, Mac, Meg ALL GOOD.

CW: Weapons on school campus

Number 1: Like a Virgin S01E08

26154489_1678432825511107_346813562565427200_nHalf the time I cannot remember if this is the episode where we first meet Meg and Mac, or when Meg and Veronica go to the 80’s theme dance. It is, in fact the first episode, and it is still my favorite all these years later.

Most of season one revolves around Veronica getting tough after losing all her friends. Sure, she befriends Wallace and he’s enough for the most part, but it is so good to give Veronica the option of some girlfriends. There is Meg (Alona Tal) who is the kindest person in the school and Mac, the computer savvy, intelligent, conniving quiet girl. (PLEASE BRING BACK TINA MAJORINO GUYS.) And even better, this episode revolves around an anonymous purity test that causes SO MUCH DRAMA. Meg gets caught in the crossfire, and tries to help Veronica see that revenge isn’t the only option.

Pros: MEG, MAC!

CW: Infidelity, Cyberbullying


This list was incredibly hard to make, and actually even changed a little as I put it together. I am still debating one or two before I hit enter – ah okay it is set! What are your favorite episodes of Veronica Mars? Are you excited for the revival? What Team are you? 

12 responses to “Veronica Mars Binge Fest”

  1. Every REAL VM fan/marshmellow fan is Team LoVe, the other team don’t exist. End of story and thank you very much.
    ps: Leo was kind of creepy with dating Veronica to begin with.

    1. K, have fun in your bubble.

    2. Also, you are clearly just responding to my post with different names like I won’t notice, but I also assume you haven’t read the books? Because even Veronica admits that she and Leo would be good together as adults.

      1. Nah we are two to respond to you but we share the same opinion and know each other, you are almost right. And we are nice to even bother..

      2. I read the books where Veronica chose Logan even when working with Leo.
        She chose him over and over and with Logan they are also a legit and solid couple and she talks about missing him again and again.
        Re-read the books.

  2. All your favorite episodes are from season 3, the weakest season of this show ? Something is wrong with you..ugh.
    And no Leo is not so much a ‘good dude’, Piz is awful and Logan and Parker were a better pairing than Veronica’s pairings (except the one with Logan) obviously.

    1. ??? Most of my favorite episodes are from seasons 1 and 2. Of course there are some good ones in season 3, and I think it’s bad to discount season 3 entirely.

      1. No cool (and cowardly..i don’t have twitter to respond to you) to call my opinion ‘toxic’ because i don’t agree with you. You are the one who ask to share different opinions, right ?

      2. Sure, and I am willing to discuss them with people who aren’t being combative and who actually READ my blog post.

      3. For real ? You are the one ‘combative’, you are the one who use the word ‘toxic’ not me.. Be self-aware, please. I am already nice to try to share and debate on YOUR blog. Otherwise there would be nobody ! Wake up.
        Moreover Leo was creepy in certain aspects, it was shown onscreen, it is facts. I did not make that. FACTS.

      4. Okay, please take your anger elsewhere, thank you.

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