PLL: Perfectionists Sex, Lies, and Alibis


I have finally watched episode 2 of the Perfectionists! And honestly…it was a little bit of a boring episode. But I did notice that it lined up with season 1 of PLL kind of….I think the funeral was episode 1. And while I still can’t quite tell if The Perfectionists is going to lean into its PLL roots or try to separate itself, I am all here for the clothes. Okay, maybe based on this it’ll be just an extension:

But some questions I do have after this episode:

  • Hey can we get a clear answer on what happened between Emily and Alison?
  • Why did we need to connect this show to PLL?

I assume more questions will come up as we venture further into this season, but here are my thoughts while watching episode 2:

  • Glad this show starts with a recap as I have definitely forgotten most people’s names. And Nolan still reminds me of Noel too much.
  • Note to self: see if there is a playlist on Spotify – I need all the cello music
  • Seriously love the remake of the opener song. This is how you update something while still calling back to something else.
  • I crave a window bench to sit and cry at. This sounds ridiculous I know, and like I’m being sarcastic, but I have always wanted somewhere to be super dramatic.
  • 3 days with no classes? I guess that makes sense. I don’t think anyone died while I was in college, much less murdered, so I don’t know what the norm is (thank god)
  • Man Caitlin’s BF looks like Eddie Redmayne so much it freaks me out
  • I want them to do a movie together where they are brothers then I’ll be justified
  • Oh so that’s how you make out in a car comfortably, thanks Caitlin and not-Eddie Redmayne
  • Actually, he also kind of looks like a British Toby?
  • Alison should have just gotten the fuck out of town. Between the “They’re Watching” and a murder and Mona? GET OUT.
  • Logical =/= quirky, Caitlin, aka Spencer?
  • Good god, Mona you are not okay. Mona needs help. I need an entire show just to make sure Mona is okay.
  • “Whose body we saw while he was dead” – I don’t know why this line is incredibly awkward in my ears.
  • I like the mention of A. It should be causing more of a PTSD reaction for Alison and Mona, like GETTING THE FUCK OUT OF TOWN.
  • Is it wrong that the fact that not-Eddie Redmayne is so okay with being a secret makes me think he’s got something to hide? I call it now: he’s the killer.
  • Okay Mona is still crazy even if there is someone in her head. Please get her some meds or some help.
  • I mean I am down for all the cello music but “Mad World”? All right.
  • Oh Ava – that funeral dress is…a lot
  • Oh look it’s the Perfectionist’s version of Tanner!
  • Another boy for Caitlyn? She really is the Spencer character.
  • Oh look an “A” character who leaves handwritten notes
  • Gum wrappers. Gum wrappers are SO TERRIFYING.
  • Ava’s hat is ….I mean I am all for this show and her clothes
  • The thing I do like about these shows more than the books is that the characters seem more willing to be friends.. Everyone in the books come off as more selfish.
  • Oh Lilly don’t scare people. Alison has lived through enough now hasn’t she?
  • I cannot decide if Lilly is evil or not. I think her daughter has turned against her? But I’m not sure.
  • Also, where is the supposedly dead daughter now that her brother is less supposedly dead?
  • OKAY MONA THANKS I AM CRYING. I didn’t think any ties to the PLL would actually make me cry.
  • Honestly? I am glad Mona and Hannah are still good friends. I feel like they both just super need each other.
  • Not sure how I feel about “Campus security” investigating this murder. Lots of questions about jurisdictions and whatnot.
  • Damn Alison, lying for your kids?
  • “Bring it on, bitch.” Oh Alison. What have you done?
  • But seriously on what planet does an FBI agent become a security guard?

Did you watch PLL: The Perfectionists episode 2? Thoughts?

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