PLL: Perfectionists And Finally Emily Info


Ah not-Rosewood. Ah, small town weird college campus in …. Oregon I think? It is definitely time for another chapter of what is PLL: Perfectionists trying to do and what clothing and accessories am I going to covet? Also side note? Thank god there wasn’t a Vitamin String Quartet song in this show. Giving some space to those is really helping.

So let’s get into my thoughts and notes!

  • Lolol this isn’t Rosewood
    • Because people only fake their own death in Rosewood
    • Or that it’s just super common in Rosewood
  • I vaguely remember Mona faking her death
    • oh no wait I do remember lots of blood now
    • And maybe this is when she went to the doll house?
  • The fuck, Mason
    • Idk that’s just such crap
    • I have a lot of conflicting emotions about Mason. He’s clearly a red herring, he’s obnoxious in a not-charming way, and he’s just….annoying. Not like in a good acting character way, he just is an overdone story line.
  • Who the hell IS Ray Hogadorn
    • It’s an anagram of some sort, right
    • I am definitely not playing on anagram sites
  • I love that Mona is Caitlin’s adviser
    • And that “all staff” has to be an adviser
  • Olympic medalist in…..what?
    • I seriously don’t remember what sport Caitlin does.
  • Oh is Mona in love?
    • With “Bad Bishop”?
  • Damn Dylan’s boyfriend is fiiiiiit
  • Is off brand Eddie Redmayne is a ……teacher?
  • “Sugar crashed and tried to light my hair on fire” wow that is a way to ruin Halloween for life
  • So it clearly isn’t Mason that is “tormenting” them (my assumption is that it’s Taylor) because it’s never the first person accused
    • so like let’s drop this story line quickly
  • “Rosewood Family Law & Meditation” oh shit
    • No I want more info here GO BACK
  • “Secrets have a way of keeping you close” that’s the Alison I love
  • “They said it when Taylor left”
    • not died
    • left
    • LEFT
  • It isn’t quite that easy to go from cello to violin
    • Like okay it is possible and it is easier than clarinet to violin but it does require some effort
  • Oh shit nerve damage THERE WILL BE DRUGS AT SOME POINT
  • What millennial signs their text messages
    • It is entirely for the effect of having one from “A”
  • Don’t be so defensive when apologizing, Dylan
  • Poor Andrew.
    • Christ I hate that “You told me I could be honest” bull shit
  • Ali, you moved across the country
    • you left your kids you know left your KIDS
    • I mean, I feel sympathy, but also, you LEFT YOUR KIDSSSSSS
    • I mean maybe I am projecting my own issues but
  • I do like Mona falling for a brain
    • but what if it’s ALEX DRAKE?
  • Mason is boring
  • Will Emily get together with Paige now?
    • Because let’s get real: these girls aren’t meeting anyone new
    • Just the same old mistakes
  • Aww Ava’s dad is adorable
  • Okay glad the Alison Emily stuff is coming out
    • I assume lots of people are pissed about this, but honestly It makes sense
    • Also are there really no other pictures of Emily and the twins
  • “I’m the rat”
    • oh this isn’t what I was expecting?
    • I mean I didn’t realize this was a thing? that like Ava was dealing with?
    • I mean I know her dad is missing but I assumed the school knew
    • Like this is genuinely shitty but it also … isn’t something that has been quite explained or experienced prior?
  • Off brand Eddie Redmayne is staff. That….can’t be allowed
    • Is Caitlin our Spencer or Aria?
    • But seriously are they not sneaking around for that reason alone?
    • Also, I assumed this was a fake set up for Mason but I guess it isn’t?
  • Hey Mona, rooms like this are creepy
  • And now Mona is in the room with the janitor
  • Closed captions told me that blood was dripping before I saw it
  • Also: there was definitely thunder right as she dropped the book and I just jumped about 10 feet

Okay, this ending is better. I am intrigued, I will catch the next episode….and now I am thinking I should text my little sister to see if she watches this show.

Hmm okay now that the show has laid off thtamin

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