iZombie: Season 5 Ep 1


So I love iZombie, and am both very glad it gets to end by its own choice and also super bummed that it is ending. I have rewatched the first four seasons several times to prep for this, and I am READY. Below are my reactions from the episode!

  • This woman reminds me of Jodi Whitaker

  • Screen Shot 2019-05-05 at 21.11.28
  • Aw yes Liv cooking very quickly

  • Also the wig is looking more real

  • Did I miss how long of a time jump this is? Fairly long though

    • Upon watching for screenshots, I now see the Six Months

    • Wow I really like Justin, am still so glad he didn’t die

    • (But fun story, I literally yelled in shock when I realized he didn’t die last season)

  • Thug Ravi oh yes

  • Is Peyton the mayor

  • I mean Peyton’s hair looks amazing and that dress brings out her eyes perfectly

  • Screen Shot 2019-05-05 at 21.15.28

    • Also, definitely some kind of time jump.
  • And having cravings I love it so much

  • I like the parallels between Liv and Major’s jobs

    • But they aren’t speaking at all? Or at least, the episode is keeping them quite separate
  • I don’t know what I was quite expecting, but this episode is a little slow

  • It is very clear that New Seattle is suffering more than it did before, obviously.

  • YAY WEEVIL/BARON IS BACK! I was bummed he just disappeared last season.

  • 380536
  • Ah so Peyton is not mayor, but is mayor

  • Oh I think this human/zombie relations woman was also in Veronica Mars?

  • This height difference of these Atlanta CDC doctors is insane and I love it

    • Also, this tall white dude is the worst

  • Crybaby looks a bit like Wes from Nailed It

  • Oh god poor Ravi

    • Also, the scene in the recap about how the brains aren’t just a one off cure seem very much added after the fact and not just a deleted scene?

  • But seriously I kind of wish my autoimmune disease would cure something

  • “Specific order” oh god

  • Oh god a bomb?


  • Oh god how many people just died

  • Liv not on a specific brain is interesting. though the whale noise is a good touch

  • WTF who are these people

    • Wait so Blaine is just killing people oh god

    • Oooooh these are the people who fucked over Blaine okay

  • Oh god my heart just almost broke entirely, and now I just like Dr Collier

  • Though they’re really playing up the shitty male doctors

  • Stupid douchebag who didn’t help the girls

  • This dude killed his GF didn’t he

To be continued? Okay….

Overall, it was a good episode of iZombie, but mostly a quiet one, especially given the fact that it’s a season premier and the last season. I have high hopes for episode 2, and they definitely teased the deaths that I am guessing are happening in season 3? (There’s a comment about some dancers wanting to get out of New Seattle…)

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