Bookcon Wrap Up

This post is so overdue, I don’t deny it! But really quickly, I am going to wrap up on Bookcon and give my thoughts on it.

While I had a Sunday pass on the first year I went to Bookcon, this is the first year I actually went both days. This is in part because the one person whose signature I wanted last year was on Sunday and I didn’t have tickets. (Still want to meet Grady Hendrix!!) So I figured why not? And Mari ended up agreeing to go both days with me, so I wasn’t alone in the anxiety and lines.

Mari and I, after she won an ARC for The Toll?!

(Seriously, Mari put up with me being a ball of anxiety on Sunday and she’s a saint for it.)

Overall, the event was great! I came out with SO MANY BOOKS. 20190601_171104.jpg20190602_200312.jpg20190607_103225.jpg20190602_201101.jpg

I also got to meet so many amazing authors that I have loved reading! I got to meet Neil Patrick Haris, Joe Hill, Blake Crouch, Ashley Poston, Andrew Shaffer, Alyssa Cole! It was even better than expected. I blew off my signing with Meg Cabot, which I do kind of regret, but it was to potentially meet Katherine McGee.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to meet Katherine McGee. Every year Bookcon has decreased the available galleys, which is why most people go to Bookcon I believe. Galleys are great, and totally a big part of Bookcon. The decrease this year caused most lines to be ridiculously long. Or at least, for galleys that were announced well in advance. Still, I came away with a ton of galleys and only missed one that I really wanted.

I was also bummed that Image Comics only came to BEA this year. I always loved meeting the comic creators, and not having them on my list this year was a major bummer. Sure, I’ll probably see creators at NYCC, but those lines tend to be more ridiculous.

In the end, I am glad I went both days rather than just the one – I definitely felt the benefits after the second day. Next year I might try to go to BEA as well? Bite the bullet and spend that much money? Either way, I am set for months on books to read!

5 responses to “Bookcon Wrap Up”

  1. Such great books and people!! NPH 😍😍

  2. I’m so jealous of some of the arcs that you got!
    Good to see that you had a great time!


    1. I am a bit shocked at how many I ended up getting! My list is so organized now and I’ll be reading ARCs for MONTHS.

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