June Wrap Up

It’s that time of the month! The time of the month where I scratch my head at how I read so many flipping books over the last 30ish days. And weep at how little I wrote. I missed May due to Bookcon (conventions wear me out), but here is June!

Books Read:

Advance Copies


  • Batman Volume 9
  • The Umbrella Academy Volume 2
  • Iceman Volume 3

For Podcasts

Other Books

  • Lovely War
  • Red, White, and Royal Blue
  • Horrorstor
  • A Duke by Default (Reviewing coming the first week of July)
  • On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft (Review coming the first week of July)
  • Queens of Geek (Review coming the first week of July)
  • Voyager, aka Outlander #3


  • The Good Luck Charm (DNF’d out of anger mostly)
  • Game of Bones (DNF’d because I hadn’t read the previous 19 or so books in the series)

Top Ten Tuesdays:

Writing Done:

The only thing available for public consumption that I wrote in June is here! It is a fan fiction crossover of Supernatural/Gilmore Girls/Veronica Mars/Chuck. Hopefully this will change in July, especially with the goals I have in mind.

Media Stuff:

I do watch absorb a lot of media, and I rarely write about it. I should do so more, shouldn’t I? Maybe I can do a weekly post.

  • I finished Lucifer! I think the ending of Season 4 was perfect, and I am not sure why we are getting a fifth season. But I’ll probably watch it just to make sure Mazikeen ends up happy.
  • I watched the first season of the new Charmed! I had been on the fence about it, but once I started watching it, I was blown away. I cannot wait to see where they take it next.
  • iZombie Season 5 started off cool, but has heated up quickly. I am absolutely loving this season. I have gasped and said “oh shit!” SO MANY TIMES. I am both excited for the end of the series and for Veronica Mars to be back!
  • I somehow spent the weekend of Bookcon keeping my priorities straight as I also watched all of Good Omens. I need to sit down and watch it again for sure.
  • Legally Blonde the Musical. Okay, this obsession started a bit in May, but I only recently got the soundtrack out of my head. You can watch the musical on Youtube thanks to MTV!
  • Jordan Peele’s Twilight Zone. I burned through this quickly. It seems to be getting a lot of flack, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Especially more than the new season of Black Mirror.

Other Fun Things:

  • Bookcon!
  • Book Mail! I somehow ended up receiving book mail this month, even after the haul I got at Bookcon. And somehow I stayed on top of my books.
    • Tunnel of Bones by V E Schwab might be my crowning joy!
    • I won Slay by Brittney Morris from Goodreads, and I am very excited about it!
  • Puffs! Puffs is closing in August, and I am incredibly bummed. If you have the opportunity to see it before it does so, please go! I have it from Amazon as well, but I had a blast seeing it in person again. The cast changes, but it’s still so much fun. Plus, I wanted a pride playbill!
  • Wizards Unite started up, and I have been wandering around NYC because if of it. If you need a friend, I’ll pass you my code!

Since I didn’t post a May Wrap Up, I have no goals for May. Taking a look over my April Goals, I accomplished the following:

  • See something on Broadway? Well, I saw Puffs again, and that’s Off Broadway if that helps? I am also putting in almost daily for the Hadestown and Moulin Rouge lotteries.
  • I started learning how to knit! Once I actually finish something, I will make a full blog post about it.
  • Get caught up on reviews! Well, I am a bit closer now. Still not 100%, but closer.

July Goals:

  • Writing Prompt Wednesdays! I think I am going to start doing that to share some of my work. Or make it a WIP Wednesday. Post something I’m writing, hold myself accountable.
  • Finish and submit a short story
  • It’s Camp NaNoWriMo again!
  • Getting Judging Book Covers’s Blog up and running
  • Starting Zombies, Run! over and running with my buddy Joe!

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