Getting Published!

It’s really weird to be making a blog entry about this, even though I have promised it on a podcast once or twice. I have a short story being published at the end of this month!

It is called “The Bucket List!” That tells you nothing I am sure, so….

After a torturous last few years, a vampire decides to complete her cursed bucket list before calling it quits. Little did she know that the list would lead to chasing down a dragon egg, new love, and old enemies.

Add another 20+ authors and short stories, and you’ve got an excellent collection of stories about vampires AND dragons!

The anthology, Coffins & Dragons, comes out October 30th! You can preorder it here. Kindle copies are $.99 during the pre-order, and will be $9.99 once the book has been released!


On top of this, if you are on Facebook, come join us for the Release Party! Get to know the authors, chat with them, and order a copy of the book!

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