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Top Ten Tuesday was started by The Broke and the Bookish, and was taken over by That Artsy Reader Girl in 2018.

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is an audio freebie! I personally love audiobooks and have no idea how I didn’t just obsess over them my entire life, but the more I thought about “which books do I prefer as audiobooks?” I realized I didn’t have a preference. So today, I am going to talk to about my favorite book related audio things – podcasts, where to find audiobooks, anything goes!

No shade to Audible, but I definitely am down for buying my audiobooks when they support small businesses! costs the same as Audible for the same monthly credits, but instead of the money going to Amazon, it goes to the bookstore of your choice! I found a bookstore in my hometown who now gets a percentage of my purchases back!

And if you click the link above, you get a free first month membership!

Book Riot Podcast

Even when I am on an audiobook tear and don’t listen to many podcasts in a week, I always make time for this podcast. It is my book news source! Okay, maybe that is what Twitter is primarily for, but still – it is a good way to see what I’ve missed with my head in the clouds.

All the Books Podcast

If you have no issues with your TBR list being full, then this podcast is not for you. Seriously, it has almost become a game to see if I end up adding any new books to my list each week! I only listen on Tuesdays (self control) and I usually end up adding a book or two. The weeks I don’t? I probably have one from their list already on mine!

Worst Bestsellers

I love Kait and Renata. They have excellent taste in books, they balance out the negativity with some positive highlights when they can find them, and they aren’t afraid to admit when they are surprised they liked something. And they do a yearly wrap up of books they liked and in the summer they look back on books they enjoyed when from childhood! (Or maybe that was just one summer?) I recommend following them on Twitter too!

Divisive Issues

On top of book podcasts, I keep up with comic books too! Divisive Issues breaks down a topic or a comic trade between 4 hosts – two who like comics and two are casual fans. They also take a look at manga – I highly recommend last year’s Halloween episodes! It is great for someone like me who knows comics, but doesn’t KNOW comics.

Excessively Diverted

Like Jane Austen? Check out this podcast! Sammi and Beau go through the modern adaptations of Jane Austen – primarily in movie form, yes – and it is incredibly enjoyable! This year they are looking at Shakespeare retellings, #Shakesyear if you please.

Libby / Overdrive

I am sure if you listen to audibooks (or read ebooks) you have heard of Libby, but JUST IN CASE – as a few of my facebook book clubs members had not – Libby works with libraries to get ebooks and audiobooks into the hands of more people. The app is incredibly easy to set up, and if you have multiple library cards, all of them can be set up in one easy app!

My Dad Wrote A Porno

What would you do if you found out your dad wrote really bad erotica that he self published? Hide under the covers? Never ever let him know you know? Invite two of your mates over to read through it, chapter by chapter? Jamie Morton did the latter, and we are all so very thankful. And yes, I even own a hard copy of book one. Thank you, white elephant present! It is on hiatus at the moment between book… 4 and 5?! Good lord.

Scott Sigler

Are you into sci-fi weirdness? Like it with a side of horror? Want to take 30 showers before feeling like you won’t ever itch again? Scott Sigler writes these blockbuster-esque sci-fi/action/horror books that, I’ll be honest, I need to read more of! And really it’s my own fault – he has his own podcast, Scott Sigler the Audiobooks – where he puts out his stories, unabridged and in a chapter per episode format. FOR FREE. We’ve done two of his books for my JBC podcast, and I cannot wait to get my hands on more. The current book is Earthcore, which will have you terrified of platinum and Utah.


My second comic book podcast! Also some of my co-hosts, but it is always good to toss some love to them. This podcast breaks down what is coming out week to week and what comes recommended! You aren’t going to find much negativity here – these three love to talk about why they love these books. And they interview some fantastic comic creators as well!

If you are still looking for more podcast recommendations, here is my quick shameless plug for my podcasts, all of which are on Apple Podcast, Stitcher, Google play, and most other podcatchers of your choice!

  • Judging Book Covers Podcast, which is a biweekly book club tackling a book challenge
  • Fableulous Retellings, a podcast discussing modern(ish) retellings of fairy tales (on hiatus, due to come back in late April!)
  • Handbook Podcast, a chapter by chapter dive into bad books by bad people (on hiatus until someone else does something bad?)
  • Minds at Yeerk, an Animorphs reread podcast for me and two of my friends while we also try to force our friend Tim to understand why are the way we are?


Did I miss any podcasts you love? Audiobook programs? Anything you want to know more about? Drop me a line below!


4 responses to “TTT: Audio Freebie”

  1. I love learning about the alternative to Audible! Thank you for sharing this with us!

    1. You’re welcome!! I hope you like it!!

  2. Scott Sigler does sound like a very interesting guy!

    My Top Ten Tuesday post.

  3. Great list! I’ll have to check some of these out.
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

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